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HMISCU/HMISTU does not light up and a continuous beep is heard

Published date: 07 November 2019

HMISCU/HMISTU When powered, a continuous beep is emitted from the unit and the screen does not light up. How does one troubleshoot this issue?

Product Line

Physical HMI

The long beep usually means there is either a connection issue between the HMI back unit and the HMIS65/HMIS85 screen unit or that the screen unit has failed.

Power off the unit, disconnect the screen and check for any bent pins on the connectors, if there are none, try to reseat the screen onto the back unit and power on again.
If the issue persists, try another screen if you have a spare of the same model number, and if it works, send the non-working screen in for warranty or purchase a new one.
It may also be possible that the back unit has a connector issue as well, but it is most likely that there is an issue with the screen.

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