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How to animate an embedded list with a query that can be adjusted by a mimic button with a registry Action

Published date: 12 November 2019

This example is about using the registry action inside a mimic button to apply a certain query on an embedded list that exists inside the same mimic.

Assume that you have an embedded list that has all ClearSCADA point as below figure, hence the expected query should be like ( SELECT * FROM CDBPOINT ).

Besides of the available options that the embedded list gives you with a simple left click inside, you can modify the original query to filter a certain group of points using the registry feature for instance, let’s say we need to filter all points that starts with the term “Presentation…”

Note: you may get some points starts with “Presentation…” if you have the example projects installed inside your ClearSCADA Machine.

The following 3 steps should be followed:
  • Double click the embedded list, click Animations then scroll down to on sql to add an Expression like 'SELECT * FROM ' + REGISTRY( 'key1', 'Not Found' )
  •  Create a mimic button then select its Pick Action to be Registry as below 
  • Type Name field as: Key1 and Type field: String and the Value field as:   CDBPOINT WHERE  ( "FullName" LIKE 'Presentation%' )

Note: we can create another button like the previous one to rest the query applied on the embedded list back to ( SELECT * FROM CDBPOINT ).

Save your configurations and check that your buttons are working properly.


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