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Dynagraphs on ClearSCADA

Published date: 16 November 2019

Dynagraphs are used with drivers that provide data about oil field pumping conditions. The oil industry uses Dynamometers to monitor the operation of the pumpjacks that pump fluid to the surface of the wells. The data obtained is stored in dynamometer ‘cards’ (also known as ‘Dynacards’).

The Dynagraph shows the data as a plot, providing a comparison between the loading on the pump rod and the position of the pump in the well. From the shape of the trace that is displayed, a trained eye can detect whether the pump is operating efficiently and the well refilling as expected. You can optionally also include the trace from a ‘Reference Card’. The ‘Reference Card’ contains data against which the other dynacard data can be compared.

You can upload dynacard data into ClearSCADA by using Dynacard Store database items. Dynacard store items are used also to specify the amount and type of dynacard data that ClearSCADA is to retain online.

By installing Advanced Modbus extension drivers - Such as Lufkin SAMS, SE Rod Pump Controller - You will be able to associate its outstation settings to Dynacard store. Hence, ClearSCADA will update the dynacard data inside the CS database:
  • Automatically, when ClearSCADA polls for dynacard data from the devices on which the dynacards are located
  • On demand, via a pick action or method.

For more information about Dynacard Data Export Tool, See the topics listed in ClearsCADA help manual under path : 

ClearSCADA Online Help > Driver Reference > Dynacard Export Tool
  • Note : Extension drivers such as ( Lufkin SAMS, SE Rod Pump ) do require a separate license to their 'parent' driver

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