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Q: How to install motor mechanism for Compact NSX molded case circuit breaker (MCCB)?

Published date: 25 November 2019

 A: Please follow the steps below to install a motor mechanism for Compact NSX. For detailed instruction with images, please sign up for an account in MySchneider Partner Portal to access the training link.
  1. Remove cover of circuit breaker and pick up the label sticker from the existing breaker and affix to the motor mechanism front face.
  2. Fix and fit up the SDE adapter and SDE contact on to circuit breaker.
  3. Fix the motor mechanism with the 4 screws provided.
  4. Wire up the motor mechanism
  5. Align motor mechanism slot with toggle handle of circuit breaker for closed up. In “manu” mode, you may have to pull back the charging level to allow the motor mechanism slot to align and meet up with the circuit breaker toggle handle. 
  6. Close up the motor mechanism and checked in “manu” mode to see if the breaker can close and open correctly in order to verify the MT is fitted correctly by pressing the “On” and “Off” front face pushbuttons. Repeat again to check on the manual charging function as well.
  7. Fit up the transparent cover
  8. Connect the wire cables to a power supply to check to motor mechanism electrical opening and closing orders function via a test.  Note : Put the mode in “auto” mode.
For more information about Compact NSX and its accessories, please visit the webpage here:
Compact NSX

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