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How to configure Archiving in ClearSCADA and Geo SCADA?

Published date: 26 November 2019

This article contains information on setting up archiving. For more details about archiving please check the product manual.
Configuring archiving is a two step process. It requires certain changes to be done in the server configuration as well as in the database configuration.
To configure archiving please do the following:
  • Launch Server Configuration and navigate to Historic Configuration > Historic Data. Make sure the Archive After is checked and the correct number of weeks is entered. For more details about his option please refer to the product manual. 
  • Once Archive After is enabled, create an Archive object in ClearSCADA or Geo SCADA database. Below is an example of such configuration. 
  • This configuration is sufficient to be able to trigger archiving manually. To automate the archiving process, Schedule can be used as one of the options. 

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