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How to create a custom alarm column in ClearSCADA or Geo SCADA?

Published date: 26 November 2019

Often a need arises to have an additional column displayed in the alarm banner or an embedded alarm list. In ClearSCADA and Geo SCADA it is possible to create a custom alarm column to display a large number of the built-in object properties as well as your custom properties. The example below shows the necessary steps.

The example has 2 areas with 2 wells in each. Each well raises an alarm when stopped. In this example we will add a custom alarm column for a custom property field that was created in FA387630.
  1. Right click on the root object in your database tree and select Edit Alarm Columns. Once the Extra Alarm Columns window is displayed, click the Add button and locate the property you would like to be displayed by the column. In this example, we are displaying the custom property mbAreaName that we created in FA387630
  2. Click OK twice to finish creating the column and to close the Extra Alarm Column window. The custom alarm column should appear as the right-most column in the Alarm Banner and your embedded alarm lists.
  3. To re-arrange the position of the column in the Alarm Banner, right click on the Alarm Banner and select Columns. Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

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