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Why can't my converted MP4 file in AVI format play on my HMIG5U2?

Published date: 26 November 2019

When using Vijeo Designer Runtime on the HMIG5U2, we cannot play a MP4 file. Therefore we must convert the MP4 file to AVI format. However, the file still does not play.

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HMIG5U2, HMIG5U, Vijeo Designer Runtime, iPC, Magelis, Harmony

In order for an AVI file to play correctly in the Vijeo Designer Runtime, it must contain a audio track and a video track. Therefore, before converting the MP4 file, make sure the MP4 file has an audio track. If it does not, you will need to add a blank audio file (if audio is not wanted) to the MP4 file using tools such as Camtasia. Once the audio file is added, you can continue to convert to the MP4 file to AVI format.

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