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Making Online Logic Changes in Remote Connect

Published date: 24 December 2019

This article describes how to perform online changes to logic in Remote Connect.

1. Ensure that you are online with the SCADAPack x70 controller


2. In the logic editor, make your changes.  Once finished, the dialog below will appear.  Click ‘Yes’

(Notice the bottom right corner reads, “MEM BUILT” before you click ‘Yes’.  After you click ‘Yes’ it reads, “NOT BUILT”.




3. Next, from the top menu click on Build | Build Changes


4. A ‘List of modified sections’ dialog will appear.  Click ‘Yes’



5. The changes should now build (i.e. you’ll see a green bar graph moving left to right).  Once the build finishes, an ‘Online Modification’ dialog will appear.  Click ‘OK’



6. You’ll now need to go back to Remote Connect where (on the ‘Online Diags’ dialog) an ‘Online Modification’ dialog will appear.  Click on ‘Write Source Now’



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