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Remote Connect: Create a group - add it to a Browser

Published date: 24 December 2019

For ease of viewing, Remote Connect provides the ability to create groups of registers which can then be added to a Browser.  Follow the steps below to:
  1. Create a browser
  2. Create a group
  3. Add points to the group
  4. Add the group to the Browser
1. From the ‘Device DTM’ Configuration dialog | Objects tab select the ‘Object Browsers’ branch.  Click the ‘Add Browser’ button to create a new Browser.  In the example below, a Browser with the name Test01 is created.

2. Now, in the same tab, on the ‘Object Configuration’ branch add/select a point from the table.  In the example below a new point is added by clicking the ‘Add Object’ button.

3. The new point is given the name DIN_test and is set as a Digital point.  To add this point to a new group, manually type in the name of the group that you want to use.  In the example below the new group is named Group1. 

(Note: once a group is created in this way it will then be available from the drop-down list when adding/selecting any subsequent points.)

4. Under the ‘Object Browsers’ branch the new Browser (that was created in step 1 above) should be present.  Click the ‘Add Entry’ button to add a new group to this Browser.

5. Select the ‘Add all Objects currently in Group’ in order to all add objects (that are in this group) to this Browser in one step.  Select the desired group from the drop-down list.

6. All points that are currently in this group will now appear in the Browser list.

The steps above may be repeated to add more groups to the Browser or to add more Object Browsers to the configuration.

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