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    Wiser Support

    Find answers to frequently asked questions and get support for all Wiser products. We’re here to help!

Wiser Connected Technology

Is Wiser secure?

Schneider Electric has established the Global Security Lab as an independent entity to ensure vigilance against the latest threats and enable defense against cyberattacks. Our advanced security systems, which operate between Wiser in-home products, the Wiser App, and cloud services, use the same encryption technology as banks to protect the end-user data. The Wiser App and all software are continuously updated to stay ahead of any potential security threats. Schneider Electric doesn’t use end-user personal data for any purpose other than to improve the service and support provided. User data is not shared with any third parties.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

Wiser will continue to work normally if your internet connection is lost. The app will also continue to work at home if the cloud connection is lost.

Energy Management

Is Wiser Energy Management compatible with all circuit breakers on the market?

Yes, Wiser Energy Management is compatible with all circuit breakers on the market.

Does Wiser Energy Management support both gross metering and net metering for solar production?

Yes, Wiser Energy Management supports both gross and net metering.

Is Wiser Energy Management compatible with three-phase installation?

Yes, Wiser Energy Management is compatible with three-phase installation.

What happens if my internet connection stops working?

If your internet connection stops working, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. The system will continue to record your energy consumption and production for the following 28 days.

Heating Control

How many heating zones does Wiser support?

Wiser supports 16 heating zones, with up to 4 radiator thermostats in each, up to a maximum of 32.

Does Wiser fit on all radiator valves?

Wiser will fit 90% of valves out of the box. However, there are a small number of less common valves which may need extra adaptors. These include older Oventrop models, Herz, and TA. If you need support with identifying your valve type or purchasing adaptors, please contact our customer support team.

Does Wiser Heating Control have weather compensation capabilities?

Yes, Wiser has an Eco Mode feature, which recognizes the thermal profile of your home. By using weather compensation combined with optimum stop, it maximizes energy savings and enhances comfort of the occupants.

Lighting Control

Do I need Wi-Fi to control my Wiser devices?

Without Wiser Home Touch:
Without Wiser Home Touch: If your devices are controlled through the Wiser App or through other connected device (e.g. a switch with a puck), Wi-Fi is not needed, as the communication is done through Bluetooth.

With Wiser Home Touch:
Wi-Fi will only be needed when you want to control your Wiser devices through your smartphone. If you control the devices from the Wiser Home screen only, then Wi-Fi is not necessary as the communication between the Wiser Home Touch and the connected devices is done through ZigBee.

Can I control my Wiser devices from multiple smartphones or tablets?

Yes, you can control each Wiser device from up to 10 different smartphones or tablets.

Can I control my devices remotely when I’m not at home?

Yes, to do so, it's necessary to have the Wiser Home Touch. It will receive the remote requests and transmit them to the connected devices.

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