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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

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A smart building solution for buildings of all sizes

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Open and innovative

Easily integrate with hardware, software and subsystems while collaborating with a wider ecosystem.

Digital IP backbone

Future proof with better control and management of your systems with modern IP based controls.

Analytics and services

Deliver personalised experiences, predict failures, uncover energy efficiency and plan the use of spaces.

Cybersecure and resilient

Predict asset performance, perform continuous remote monitoring and maintain cybersecurity standards.

Improve the health of your buildings and occupants

With people spending most of their lives indoors, healthy buildings are a significant responsibility for building stakeholders. So, where should you start? Try these three basic steps: assess, analyze and act.
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Innovative solutions for Healthcare

From the emergency room to the operating theatre, uncover efficiency savings while delivering safety, reliability and comfort. 

With EcoStruxure Building, hospitals and healthcare facilities can:

• Increase patient satisfaction and safety

• Optimise operational efficiency and staff productivity

• Leverage predictive energy management technology to automate resources

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What are smart buildings?

Smart buildings are structures that integrates various technologies such as sensors, automation, and data analytics to improve its functionality, efficiency, and sustainability. This technology can be used to monitor and control the building's systems, including lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, and more. Smart buildings can also use data analytics to optimize resource usage, predict equipment failures, and improve occupant comfort and productivity. Overall, the goal of smart buildings is to create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable environment for its occupants while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Why Schneider Electric?

Schneider Electric, a leading provider of energy management and automation solutions, can help build smart buildings using various technologies and services.

We provide intelligent building solutions that integrate with air conditioning, heat ventilation, and other building systems to enable automation and control. Through building automation and smart buildings technology, we help building owners optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.

Schneider Electric can also help collect and analyze building data using IoT sensors and other connected building technologies to provide real-time insights into energy usage, occupancy patterns, and other key metrics. This data can be used to automatically adjust building systems to improve comfort and productivity while reducing energy waste.

In addition to providing technology solutions, Schneider Electric can work with building designers and owners to ensure that smart buildings features are integrated into building designs from the outset. This can help maximize the benefits of smart buildings and ensure that the building is designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Overall, the benefits of smart building solutions provided by Schneider Electric include improved energy efficiency, reduced costs, increased occupant comfort and productivity, and a reduced environmental impact.

How to improve my building's energy efficiency?

When your organisation effectively addresses energy and operational efficiency, your workspaces run smarter and cost-effectively. Combined with a more engaging user experience for you and your colleagues, the outcomes are measurable: increased comfort and productivity and higher building value.

EcoStruxure Building from Schneider Electric is the Open Innovation Platform of Buildings – a collaborative IoT solution that features a scalable, secure and global architecture to make buildings smart.

EcoStruxure Building securely connects hardware, software and services over an Ethernet IP backbone to help you maximise building efficiency, optimise comfort and productivity, and increase building value.