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Welcome to our website.
Energy management made simple

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a cloud-based energy management software-as-a-service that is easy to implement and requires minimal up-front investment. Whether you need to monitor a single building or a portfolio of buildings, it enables you to instantly access your data from anywhere. Designed for commercial, industrial, and intuitional buildings, it simplifies energy management across the operational lifecycle and helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

If you are a small medium enterprise owner or employee, you can get at least 50% of the full subsidy through our SME Kickstarter Decarbonisation program from Enterprise Singapore. Contact us to find out more.

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In a 40-minute presentation, software demonstration and live Q&A session, we would be addressing some common business challenges, including:
  • Difficulty understanding energy consumption and opportunities for savings
  • Lack of visibility into electrical system status
  • Complex IT infrastructure and software maintenance

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Benefits of EcoStruxure Energy Hub


• Use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface via web and mobile applications to connect your energy monitoring devices and configure your sites within 3 hours.
• Quick deployment enables faster energy awareness. That means hours, not months before you get actionable insights. Modular and scalable, Energy Hub allows you to start small and scale up.


• Comply with emerging energy code requirements, and access smart energy dashboards, analysis tools, and insights to help manage energy usage and costs and ensure business continuity.
• Real time power equipment status & alerts for you and your team wherever you are.


• Save time thanks to a cloud-based architecture (Software as a Service - SaaS) that delivers automatic security updates and enhancements. Eliminate shutdowns for software upgrades and maintenance.
• Up to 25% deployment savings compared to traditional on-premise Building Management or Energy Management systems.


• Secure from device to cloud with gateways compliant with IEC62443, software development according to Secure Development Lifecycle, and trusted cloud hosting with a commitment to data privacy.


Monitor energy according to building codes

Building codes are now mandating energy usage be measured, stored, and visualised.

Use EcoStruxure Energy Hub to:

• Monitor and report on energy usage by building energy codes and standards
• Collect energy data by load type
• Store energy data for 36 months or more

Analyse energy usage and reduce waste

Gain energy awareness and analyse usage to drive building energy performance.

Use EcoStruxure Energy Hub to:

• Track usage by load type (HVAC, lighting, and plug loads)
• Aggregate and benchmark energy by site, building, floor, area, and zones
• Report energy usage monthly, daily, and hourly
• Energy usage comparison and analytics for common energy drivers (building area, period-over-period, outdoor temperature, and more)

Configure and generate tenant energy bills

Compare energy usage across a portfolio of buildings and prioritise energy conservation measures.

Use EcoStruxure Energy Hub to:

• Configure simple energy rates to calculate internal energy costs
• Allocate energy usage and costs to building tenants or departments
• Generate energy bills and export to PDF for easy tenant invoicing

Monitor the status of electrical equipment

See how your electrical system is performing and get live power equipment status.

Use EcoStruxure Energy Hub to:

• View the status of the electrical network on the single-line diagram
• View, investigate and acknowledge alarms with native iOS and Android apps
• Receive alarm notifications by mobile app or email

Businesses that EcoStruxure Energy Hub benefits

Are you a small medium enterprise (SME) owner or employee? Contact us to find out what grants (by Enterprise SG) are available to kickstart your decarbonisation journey with EcoStruxure Energy Hub!

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Do you have questions or need assistance? We’re here to help!

1. What is EcoStruxure Energy Hub?

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a scalable and self-service Internet of Things (IoT) software as a service (SaaS) solution designed to simplify the management of digitalized electrical and energy systems. By seamlessly connecting to power equipment and assets, EcoStruxure Energy Hub automates the collection, storage, visualization, and reporting of energy data. This simplifies energy management and empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize energy usage, and enhance overall efficiency and sustainability in their buildings.

2. How does EcoStruxure Energy Hub work?

EcoStruxure Energy Hub simplifies energy management for one or multiple buildings by offering a straightforward process: connect the smart energy infrastructure, and the platform takes it from there. It automatically collects, stores, visualizes, and generates reports on the energy data for these buildings. This seamless automation streamlines energy data management, providing facility owners and operators with valuable insights to optimize energy usage and make informed decisions about their energy systems.

3. What are the key benefits of using EcoStruxure Energy Hub?

Some of the key benefits include energy cost reduction, improved sustainability, increased energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational visibility.

4. Is EcoStruxure Energy Hub suitable for my organization?

The suitability of EcoStruxure Energy Hub depends on your organization's size, industry, and energy management objectives. It is commonly used by a wide range of industries, including retail, commercial buildings, data centers, and more. To determine the best fit for your specific needs, please reach out to us for personalized guidance and insights.

5. What types of data does EcoStruxure Energy Hub collect and analyze?

EcoStruxure Energy Hub collects and analyzes a wide spectrum of data, including energy consumption patterns, real-time performance metrics, equipment status and more. This comprehensive data empowers organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their energy management strategies effectively.

6. Can EcoStruxure Energy Hub help reduce energy costs?

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is strategically designed to assist organizations in reducing energy costs by pinpointing inefficiencies, optimizing energy consumption, and delivering valuable insights that empower informed decision-making.

7. Is it compatible with existing energy infrastructure and equipment?

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is designed to seamlessly integrate with Schneider Electric products as well as a diverse array of existing equipment and systems, ensuring versatile compatibility for a smooth transition.

8. How does EcoStruxure Energy Hub enhance sustainability efforts?

EcoStruxure Energy Hub enhances sustainability efforts by optimizing energy usage and minimizing waste, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and a decreased environmental impact for organizations.

9. What is the implementation timeline for EcoStruxure Energy Hub?

The implementation timeline for EcoStruxure Energy Hub is flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs and complexity of each project. To provide you with an accurate timeline, we recommend reaching out to us directly. This will allow us to assess your organization's specific requirements and provide a customized timeline that ensures a seamless and efficient implementation process.

10. What grants are available for Small Medium Enterprises looking to decarbonize and adopt solutions like EcoStruxure Energy Hub?

Together with Enterprise Singapore, we (Schneider Electric) have launched the SME Kickstarter Decarbonisation Program, dedicated to supporting SMEs in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability through the adoption of various energy management solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Schneider Electric takes an active role in collaborating with SMEs, guiding them to leverage this grant effectively. By doing so, SMEs gain access to both financial support and Schneider Electric's expertise, enabling them to kickstart and successfully execute their decarbonization projects. This grant program serves as a valuable resource for SMEs striving to make meaningful strides in environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

11. Is training available for our staff to effectively use the system?

Absolutely, we would ensure that your staff can effectively utilize the system. Training would tailored to your organization's needs, ensuring a smooth transition to using EcoStruxure Energy Hub.

12. Are there any case studies or success stories available for reference?

Certainly, we have a wealth of case studies and success stories that demonstrate the benefits of EcoStruxure Energy Hub. Please get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to provide you with relevant case studies that align with your specific requirements.

13. Does EcoStruxure Energy Hub support renewable energy integration?

Yes, EcoStruxure Energy Hub is fully equipped to support renewable energy integration. It not only monitors and visualizes PV (photovoltaic) and renewable energy sources but also tracks your grid consumption versus renewable consumption, allowing you to optimize your energy usage effectively.

14. Is EcoStruxure Energy Hub scalable for future growth?

Absolutely, our system is designed with scalability in mind. As a cloud-based, SaaS software, it can seamlessly expand your energy management capabilities as your organization grows, even extending it to multiple locations without the need for on-premise software installations. EcoStruxure Energy Hub is adaptable to meet your evolving needs.