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    Retrofit to Masterpact MTZ Air Circuit Breaker today and identify electrical faults with your smartphone

    > Restore a trip quickly and safely through your smartphone, without touching the ACB
    > Get a step-by-step recovery instructions when there is equipment malfunction

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Masterpact MTZ is a high current air circuit breaker designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads, short circuits and equipment ground faults.

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Connectivity Ready

Avoid surprises and downtime with the Masterpact MTZ app!
Get real-time alerts and self-diagnosis through remote notifications anywhere. In case of a trip, restore power quickly and safely using your smartphone.
> Review status via smartphone: Self diagnosis, load levels, warning and alarms, protection settings
> Review energy consumption, power quality, phase balance, health status
> Root cause explanation & step-by-step breaker reclosing and power recovering
  • Precision Ready

    First circuit breaker embedded with Class 1 accuracy energy metering for energy-saving capabilities. View energy usage analysis, trends, and energy cost allocation.

  • Integration Ready

    Simplify your switchboard design. Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers are adaptable to different systems so that you can monitor and control remotely using any supervision system.

  • Upgrade Ready

    Customize Micrologic X Control Unit anytime. Upgrade and tailor your system easily with Digital Modules to enhance energy management, power quality management and crisis management

  • Environment Ready

    Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers are designed for durability. They are built to withstand various disturbances and harsh environments to maximize reliability of you equipment.

  • Sustainability Ready

    Take full control over the environmental impact of your equipment. Masterpact MTZ is compliant with all European and international regulations and Green Premium label.

  • Services Ready

    Increase uptime and operational efficiency with Masterpact MTZ field services. We secure your process by managing and maintaining your installation, giving you a full peace of mind.

Not sure if this is the right time to retrofit ?

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Installation Ready

Retrofit seamlessly, configure quickly and commission easily
Our new digital experience makes it easy to design, retrofit, upgrade and operate your system with the Masterpact MTZ.
> Easily update from Masterpact M to Masterpact MTZ with only 1 hour downtime required
> Quickly configure with MyPact software, and order online with MySE platform
> Simplify commissioning and maintenance with Ecoreach software
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For non-Masterpact M Users:

We provide Masterpact MTZ upgrade solution to most of the major brands in the market. Contact us to find out more.

For Masterpact M users:

If you’re still using Masterpact M, we suggest you do an upgrade soon to continue receiving optimal support and ensure your operations run without a trip.


    • How can I reduce downtime during retrofitting or maintenance?

      By choosing Schneider Electric’s EcoFIT solution, you can retrofit your switchgear with minimal downtime to your business.

    • My obsolete switchgear is functioning well so why should I retrofit?

      Using obsolete equipment would mean limited availability of spare parts. Unexpected downtime may result from equipment failure which will cause expensive downtime for your business.

    • What guarantee do Schneider Electric products come with?

      All Schneider Electric products come with a standard one-year warranty.

    • How can Schneider Electric help in the event of an emergency?

      With a well-trained field service team being able to respond to your emergency 24/7, you can be assured that your operations can be restored in the shortest possible time.

    • What is Easergy TH110 Thermal Sensor?

      The Easergy TH110 is a battery free wireless device which perform the continuous thermal monitoring of all the critical connections made on field. It also allows monitoring of any power connections of indoor installation like MV Transformers connections or LV switchgears.

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