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Here are the 12 most popular home interior design themes, and the matching AvatarOn switch to complete the look:

Simplistic and minimalistic living room design of dull colour tones such as black, white and grey
Nordic-influenced designs are extremely popular due to its minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Characterized by all-white colour palettes and the incorporation of natural elements and clean detailing, Scandinavian design homes are cozy and inviting. Unsurprisingly, the Scandinavian style is extremely popular among homeowners today and it seems the world can’t get enough of this simple yet striking design. Be sure to allow plenty of natural sunlight into the home, and throw in some wooden furniture for a finishing touch.
Room with a vintage-style furniture and design. Use of antiques and old items
Contrary to popular belief, old is gold. Pulling off the vintage charm isn’t always easy, though. Even though the vintage aesthetic is largely brought alive through ‘mix and match’, a mishmash of dated items thrown together does not necessarily do the trick. Instead, pay attention to movement of lines, which could be played out through contrasting patterns and silhouettes. A rule of thumb would be to stick with neutral colours, with only a vivid colour used for vintage accent.
Pattern style design with dark blue background and mixture of decorative items
To those unfamiliar, Bohemian style is associated with free-minded and free-spirited people who lead unconventional lives. Their home is a reflection of their identity, which embraces total freedom unconstrained by societal norms. The bohemian style is unique, cheerful and characterized by loud fabrics and accessories bursting in flamboyant prints and patterns. Each decorative piece tells a story of its own, and the space transforms into a whimsical collection of all the stories to be told.
Mixture of different style of furniture, decoration and fabric thrown together to form harmonious combination
Whoever said there’s no such thing as an organized mess has not seen the eclectic style. Eclectic interiors borrow from a mix of different styles with no rules or guidelines except for the need to express your own individuality. Even though the eclectic theme is a harmonious combination of styles, do not mistake it for “anything goes”. With this theme, try to find balance in scale and symmetry and don’t forget to create a focal point for your eye to rest. Experiment with different textures, patterns and colours to achieve a sense of “randomness”.
More and more people are desiring the minimalist trend these days. Minimalist interior designs feature a space that is simple and uncluttered - exactly what we need to help us de-stress and unwind after a long day at work. But the minimalist look isn’t the same as looking sparse. To lend an air of sophistication to your home, opt for a neutral colour palette of white, black, grey, beige, taupe or brown. To avoid looking too one dimensional, add texture to your furnishing with wood, stone or fabric. Go for a pared down, streamlined look and clutter-free surfaces.
A resort designed bedroom. Romantic side lights and drew curtains with morning sunlight
Imagine being able to wake up each morning feeling like you’re on vacation. With sunlight drafting in through your window, past the flutter of your curtains - Few would argue when we say this is what dreams are made of. What if you can enjoy it every morning with a resort-inspired home? Play around with different shades of wood to achieve the look that you desire. Amp up the atmosphere with plants and scented candles that can calm your senses and transport you to your dream destination.
Room designed to resemble the seas. Combination of white and blue furniture and decoration to bring out the nautical theme
Blue hues are known for their calming and relaxing effect. The nautical theme takes inspiration from the vast and exciting ocean, with a myriad of blue shades ranging from aqua, teal, turquoise to deep blue. Opt for a striped blue and white pattern on your fabrics to add a touch of the seaside. Allow plenty of sunlight in to let the colours come alive, and adorn the space with organic materials, motifs and elements such as washed up white woods, ropes and seashells.
Room designed intentionally to have unfinished walls such as brick walls. Use of dark colors to achieve a rugged and worn out look
The beauty of the industrial interior design lies in its raw, unfinished look. It’s not uncommon to see exposed concrete or unfinished brickwork - in fact, these are some of the elements that add on to the industrial aesthetic. Opt for neutral colours such as grey and brown tones and pair them with iron or steel furnishings to achieve the masculine, rough and worn out look. Don’t forget to add in industrial accessories such as warm lighting fixtures, distressed leather and vintage photography.
Extravagant and lavish room design with posh and stylish furniture
Lux, posh, stylish, you name it. The Victorian look encompasses all things classy and dreamlike, with over-the-top and opulent furnishings. Give your living space a touch of gleam and glamour with warm, rich colours and heavy draperies. Adorn the space with plush upholstery, velvet furnishings, tufting and antiques. Truth be told, this dramatic style is not for everyone, but when done right, it can make you feel like you woke up in an old Hollywood movie set. This look is loud and proud of it.
Room designed with mainly wooden furniture and decoration. Bringing out the cozy cabin in the woods look
Don’t confuse rustic design for a cabin in the woods. You don’t have to live in a farmhouse cottage in order to pull this look off. One defining feature of a rustic home is its congruence with organic and natural materials. This means lots of wood and stone, with architectural details like vaulted ceilings and wood beams. Stick to bold, earthy tones in your colour palette to keep things natural. Opt for oversized, handmade furniture carved from old wood logs to achieve a raw and cozy vibe.
Modern style design with the use of simple color palette that is sleek and have polished finishing
Modern interior design is often overused as a loose term for all design styles that achieve a sleek aesthetic. This is not entirely wrong as most modern designs make use of a simple colour palette such as white, black and the use of materials that include metal, glass and steel. Put simply, modern style never quite goes out of style. Make use of clean lines, a polished finish and timeless design elements such as leather and metallic accents to achieve visual and functional simplicity.
A tropical vacation style room, featuring green plants and resort home furniture
12. Balinese
Bored of the run-of-the-mill home interior designs almost everyone is going for these days? Spice up your home with wild colours, tropical prints and eclectic artwork to stand out from the crowd. Let your home come alive in personality and style with a Balinese resort home that screams luxury, vacation and relaxation. Be sure to include warm wood tones and cove lighting to achieve an East-meets-West look in a tropical oasis.

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