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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Step 1: Discover Wiser by Schneider Electric

Home is where the heart is. It’s a place for us to enjoy and spend quality time without worries. With Wiser, you can enjoy comfort, convenience and a peace of mind.

Wiser is a complete smart home system which you can easily connect your home to locally (smart switches) or remotely (mobile app or voice control):
• Activate connected lighting or curtains or shutters
• Adjust indoor temperature
• Control home appliances like air-conditioner and television
• Receive status, notifications, and alarms about your home

Can’t decide which Wiser devices to install? We have some basic Wiser packages for you to start your smart home.

Take control of your home

Achieve maximum benefits with simple wireless installation and easiness of use. From home or remotely, take control of your home with Wiser by SE app, voice assistants* or even with preset actions that will free your mind in your daily routine.

* Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit

Find out what Wiser means

Wiser means more comfort

With Wiser you tailor your comfort at home and manage it with one single app.
• Manage your lighting, shutters, air conditioning, and appliances whether you’re at home or away.
• Create and schedule your own moments where all the functions act together.
• Let your home anticipate your needs thanks to automations.
• Choose how you control it: with the Wiser by SE app, voice control assistants or automatically.

Home package:

Enjoy smart controls for your air-con, lights, curtains and entertainment system.

Package includes:
1x Wiser Hub
2x Wiser 360 degree ZB/IR converter
1x 2 Gang smart switch
1x 3 Gang smart switch
1x 4 Gang smart switch

How does Wiser control your home? Here’s a Virtual Demo

When it comes to upgrading your home to a Smart Home, Wiser is the best choice.
Wiser home automation technology allows you to convert and connect your home into a smart home in less than 4 hours, without any damage to your walls and re-wiring.
Control your fans, lights, curtains, television, air conditioner and much more from anywhere. Achieve smart living with Wiser.

Fill in the form below and our experts with help you choose the best Wiser package for your home.