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    Leverage Your Existing Schneider Electric TAC System investment by upgrading to our state-of-the-art SmartStruxure Solution.

    Building Management System Upgrade

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Occupant satisfaction and improving your building’s competitive edge
The ability to keep up with technology and future-proof to ensure the facility doesn’t become outdated are common dilemmas facility managers face. These tasks are especially challenging when budgets constrained. For Schneider Electric building management systems (BMS), it can be substantially more economical to transition to state of the art energy efficient building technology than you might have anticipated.
  • Solutions

    The SmartStruxure solution upgrade consists of “the transition from one system to another either through steps or a one-time event”. This allows TAC legacy systems to smoothly integrate into the new system platform by maximizing the reuse of current field devices on your campus. With minimal component replacement and straightforward database upgrade, your current investment is protected while acquiring the advanced technology of our SmartStruxure Solution.
  • Value Proposition

    SmartStruxure solution: Real simple. Real smart. Real performance.
    Our new building management systems are backward compatible with most of your existing infrastructure, so you can leverage your existing investment. Saves money, saves time.
  • Differentiation

    Our open, integrated and scalable solution enables operational efficiencies and serves as a platform to deliver the highest level of performance throughout your building’s life cycle. Plus, with our Schneider Electric Building services, we can tailor modernization solutions to help optimize budgets and ensure you stay competitive. You will enjoy peace of mind with a single point of contact to eliminate finger pointing and deliver faster resolution of any issues.
    Schneider Electric supports you with customized technical expertise and services to ensure a smooth and risk-free upgrade to the latest technology, including our SmartStruxure solution. The transition can be phased over time to fit your timeframe and budget. It is an excellent way to get the latest technology without the disruption of a complete rip out and replacement.


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    Technology Advancement: Modern, intuitive, feature rich software with improved visibility, scalability and performance at the enterprise level.
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    Upgrading financially more feasible: Upgradingfrom previous BMS to SmartStruxure Solution can be cost effective approach that leverages much of your existing Schneider Electric building system investment while taking phased upgrade path to minimize downtime and disruption.
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    New tools enable in-house staff productivity: Standard mobile apps, integration tools, and HTML graphics PLUS ability to include remote web services such as building analytics and metering, makes upgrading your BMS both technology choice and a choice for organic day-to-day operational efficiency gains.