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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Disruptive Technologies

Growing emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, AI and Analytics has increased digital transactions, making it more essential that data centers keep up with the pace of change.

Changing Business Needs

Data centers are now seen as front-end strategic assets that provide competitive advantage to the business rather than back-end cost centers.

Efficiency Drive

Businesses must drive performance improvement and energy reduction to remain sustainable, manage costs and reduce carbon footprints.
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Regulatory Compliance

Ensure data centers comply with the latest regulatory standards and maintain the power usage effectiveness (PUE) recommended by authorities.

What are Data Center Lifecycle Services (DCLS)?

With over 50 years of experience in developing end-to-end Data Centre technologies from infrastructure offerings to management software, Schneider Electric is in a unique position to provide services to bridge the perennial gaps between product design, Data Centre design and Data Centre operation. Combined with our expertise and know-how as a major energy efficiency expert, we are well-poised to ensure that every Data Centre is geared towards energy efficiency at every stage of its lifecycle.
Discovery Workshop

Key stakeholders discuss major topics and how critical infrastructure can support business objectives

Audit the current state of facilities and operations to provide a top-level, broad overview of the possible solutions
Design Engineering

Dive deeper into the specific solutions proposed  and how different aspects can cater to the unique goals of each business

Strategic discussion on how the cost model works and how the solution is going to be optimised and automated from beginning to end

Optimising from available resources and adopting new technology through either an overhaul or partial technological refresh

Walk-through Audit

This one-day activity comprising a workshop and walkthrough by our experts provides a quick baselining of your Server Room or Data Center against industrial best practices. This audit will pinpoint areas to focus on in the next course of action.

Detailed On-Site Assessment

The most well sought-after assessment with deep-dive analysis and examinations on power, cooling infrastructure, architecture, capacity, and energy usage. Achieve higher resiliency, efficiency, and other customer-defined goals (e.g. gap analysis, feasibility study, etc) with our proprietary analytical tools and standardized framework.

Remote Assessment

Capture valuable data points with DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software. With Remote Assessment, we analyse raw data to drive meaningful insights on trends, possible issues, associations and correlations, and provide recommendations for better efficiency and resiliency. Performed in a regular framework without any physical visit to the site.

Feasibility Study and Improved Resiliency

Customer Challenge

Our client from a research and development lab faced multiple problems, ranging from:

• Multiple Hot Spots
• Harmonics Issues 
• Transformer reaching maximum capacity limit
• Landlord Power Reliability & Limitation
• Steps to retrofit the Data Center for expansion

Assessment Scope/Solution

To solve these issues, our Data Center Specialists implemented the following solutions:

• Power Quality Analysis
• Air-flow Distribution Best Practices
• Energy Efficiency Assessment 
• Feasibility study for Data Center expansion

Customer Benefits 

Through our DCLS suite of services, our client walked away with:

• Full understanding of Harmonics Causes and detailed options for solutions
• Breakdown of Critical Infrastructure Power consumption 
• Detailed Block Diagram of electrical distribution
• CRAC Units redundancy & Airflow Characteristics  
• Detailed framework on the expansion plan

Improved Resiliency and Elimination of a Single Point Of Failure

Customer Challenge

Our client from a major telco provider faced problems such as:

• Overdue modernisation of obsolete equipment in a >15-year old site
• The need to increase data center capacity, reliability and power efficiency to be the leading provider in the industry
• To have a defined plan with zero downtime during the transformation project execution 

Assessment Scope/Solution

To solve these issues, our Data Center Specialists implemented the following solutions:

• Combination of Data Center Assessment and MPS (Modernization, Performance & Safety)
• Well-defined methodology to manage the risk of downtime
• Design, costing and planning of the transformation plan 

Customer Benefits 

Through our DCLS suite of services, our client walked away with:

• Trusted Single Point of Contact (SE) for the transformation project
• A comprehensive solution design for customer’s site to be innovative, competitive, pacesetting, efficient, environmentally sustainable, secure, resilient, customer-centric and digitally-enabled Data Center.

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