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Solution and Benefits

Scalable solution, bringing in option-redundant SCADA servers, dual-ring topology and dual attachment of control level stations.
> Be more informed when managing information
> Improve quality without increasing energy use
> Make decisions in real time
> Achieve peace of mind knowing your processes are running smoothly

Pinellas County Utilities

Wonderware information software solutions help Pinellas County Utilities provide safe, high-quality water and wastewater services to its customers.

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Wonderware System Platform


Solution and Benefits

Store process/energy data as well as alarm/event history collected from SCADA and other relevant systems, 24/7 to ensure that nothing is lost in transmission.
> Manage historic data storage performance
> Efficient data analysis and reporting
> Make smarter business decisions

Pima County

Pima County has created an HMI SCADA solution that is driving the cost of business down, increasing efficiency and promoting safety in its wastewater reclamation facilities, using a sophisticated mobile workforce and decision support system…. with a little help from Wonderware.

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Wonderware Online


Solution and Benefits

We enable efficient energy management through our Resource Advisor and Power Monitoring Expert solutions. Resource Advisor collects, manages and displays energy and sustainability data across Water and Wastewater infrastructure.
> Energy and sustainability data across the plant
> Benchmark site performance
> Identify non-optimised facilities
> Prioritise energy efficiency projects
Power Monitoring Expert helps you reduce specific energy costs of Water and Wastewater plants and assets, as well as:
> Sustain energy savings over time
> Increase operational efficiency
> Standardise energy management across facilities
> Support carbon footprint reduction

Corporate energy and sustainability management

Discover how a cloud platform can collect and aggregate corporate data for analysis, enabling efficiency and reduced costs.


EcoStruxure Resource Advisor: A single enterprise-level platform to manage your energy and sustainability landscape.
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EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

Solution and Benefits

Our integrated approach enables a truly open and comprehensive platform, based on 4 pillars: Connect/Collect/Analyse/Act.
> Improve asset performance
> Increase reliability and reduce unscheduled downtime
> Increase asset utilisation and extend equipment life
> Reduce operations and maintenance costs

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto Implements Best Practices and Increases Productivity with Avantis.
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Discover 3 ways to maximize return on assets with risk-based maintenance. By following these guidelines, companies can increase asset performance, reduce unscheduled downtime, lower costs and improve safety.
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Avantis Enterprise Asset Management

Avantis PRISM Conditioning Manager

EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor

Puerto Rico Water & Sewage Authority

Wonderware helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water operations with an effective security system, high-speed historical data collection and centralized system for 1500 sites throughout the island.

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