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  • Vlastnosti

    • Acti 9 iIL modular indicator lights are the new reference in the field of low-voltage final distribution for circuit protection.
    • Acti 9 iIL modular indicator lights are packed full of innovations and benefit from Schneider Electric’s experience over more than 40 years.

    With exclusive features, Acti 9 iIL DIN rail modular indicator lights are definitely geared to absolute safety and improved continuity of service.
    - Class-2 insulation : continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.

    Acti 9 iIL modular indicator lights are modular indicators that are simple to choose, easy to install and environmentally friendly, with 100% recyclable and recoverable components.

    Technical features :

    • Indicator light with LED technology
    • Colours: red, green, white, blue, yellow; green/red, white/white, red/red/red
    • Lifetime:100,000 hours with constant luminous efficiency
    • Compliance with standard IEC 60947-5-1


    • Easy to select, with a wide range compliant with the DIN standard
    • Peace of mind with a complete modular system
    • Innovation for improved robustness
    • Consistent with the entire Acti 9 offer
    • Voltage presence indication


    • Control of electrical circuits in all industrial and tertiary buildings.


    • iIL modular double indicator lights
    • iIL modular three-phase-voltage indicator lights