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How to Jump to Init Step using SFCInit variable in SFC Editor of Somachine.

Published date: 24 November 2019

-Add SFC POU in application tree in Somachine.
- Right Click to SFC POU and Go to Properties.
- In SFC Setting, Uncheck the default setting and Check the SFCInit and Declare

Syntax for accessing from an action or transition within the SFC POU : SFCinit

Syntax for accessing from another POU : POU.SFCInit

If SFCInit variable becomes TRUE, the sequential function chart will be set back to the Init step. All steps and actions and other SFC flags will be reset (initialization).
The initial step will remain active, but not be executed as long as the variable is TRUE. Set back SFCInit to FALSE in order to get back to normal processing. 

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