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How to change the status of each step of PF controller

If you checked the step in INFO Menu and found that some step is Fon, you can force a step to Fon at 403 in 400 Setup.

Menu 403 (Out)
STEP TYPE [step 1 to step... 12 max]

         If step size recognition is disabled (308 set to "No"), or if you want to force a step at Fon
or Foff, you must configure the type of output.
          If step size recognition is active (308 set to "Yes," default setting), you do not need
to select a step type. It will be automatically detected during auto-initialization (AI) or
during the step-size recognition sequence.
You can select the following step types:
• Auto = Step is used for the normal regulation algorithm.
• Fon = Step is permanently switched on. The step is still monitored and shut down
in critical situations.
• Foff = Step is permanently switched off. To avoid unnecessary alarms, select this
setting for used steps.
• Flty = If the parameter lock faulty step (LOCK DEFECTIVE STEPS 309 is set to
Yes), the controller has attempted to switch a step three times without success
and declares the step inoperable. Also, it will not use the step setting for automatic
control for 24 hours, or until the controller is restarted. After troubleshooting to
resolve the issue, you can reset the faulty step back to auto, on, or off step type in