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How to enable the Vijeo Designer Runtime to launch automatically on an iPC?

Published date: 10 December 2018

Issue: Vijeo Designer Runtime does not launch automatically when Windows reboots.

Product Line: Magelis iPC or HMIG5U/HMIG5Us with Vijeo Designer Runtime

Cause: The Vijeo Designer Runtime Manager provides the ability to enable or disable Autostart for Vijeo Designer Runtime. It is likely the setting has been changed from the factory state.

Resolution: On the desktop, look for the gray icon labelled "Vijeo Designer Runtime Manager". Launch the application (by right-clicking and "Run as Administrator"). Set the setting to Enable AutoStart so that Vijeo Designer Runtime will start when Windows launches.

Note: If your iPC has an EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) protected system volume, be sure to unlock it first.

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