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What are the differences between HMIG5U and HMIG5U2 (OPEN Box for Universal Panel)?

Published date: 17 January 2019

What are the differences between HMIG5U and HMIG5U2 (OPEN Box for Universal Panel)?

Product Line
Magelis GTU, HMIG5U, HMIG5U2 

The differences are as follows:

Main Drive Capacity
HMIG5U2 comes with a 32GB CFast main drive.
HMIG5U comes with a 16GB main drive.

The HMIG5U2 has added an updated Vijeo XD (EcoStruxure Terminal Operator Expert) v3.0 demo Runtime application.
The HMIG5U2 no longer has a CAD viewer built in to save space.

USB Connectivity Priority
When you use the HMIG5U2 with a Smart Display (prefixed part number: HMIDT) connected, and there are multiple
connections with the transfer cable, the front USB (mini-B) interface takes priority.

The HMIG5U2 has  UL 61010-2-201 and CSA C22.2 No61010-2-201 certifications compared with 
HMIG5U2 with UL 508 and CSA C22.2 No142 certifications.

Video Output Differences
The HMIG5U2 can support 640x480 on the HMIDT542 screen - whereas it was previously unsupported on the HMIG5U
The HMIG5U2 maximum resolution on DVI-D output is 1920x1200, on the HMIG5U, it was only 1024x768.
Pin 16 on the DVI-D port is used for "Hot Plug Detection" in the HMIG5U2, and does not have the capability in the HMIG5U.

Internal components are updated within the HMIG5U2 compared to the HMIG5U for manufacturing/robustness reasons which do not affect functionality.

Part Replacement Notes
The HMIG5U2 has the exact same dimensions as the HMIG5U2 so it can be put in the same enclosure - cutout as the original HMIG5U.
All HMIDT that are supported on the HMIG5U are supported on the HMIG5U2.

For more information about the products, please see the respective product pages of the HMIG5U and HMIG5U2:



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