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What is Full Load Current (FLC) on a Tesys T device?

Published date: 23 January 2019

What is Full Load Current (FLC) on a Tesys T device?

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Tesys T



The Full Load Current (FLC) represents the actual full-load current of the motor being protected by the LTM R controller. The FLC is a motor characteristic and can be found on the motor plate. Many protection parameters are set as a multiple of FLC. The FLC can be set from FLCmin to FLCmax. 

Load current ratio = Load CT primary / (Load CT secondary * passes)
Current sensor max = Current range max * Load CT ratio
Current range max is determined by the LTMR controller commerical reference.
Contactor rating is stored in units of .1 Aand is set by user between 1.0 and 1000.0A
FLC max is defined as teh lower of the current sensor max and the contactor rating values.
FLC min = Current sensor max / 20 (rounded to the nearest 0.01A). FLCmin is stored internally in units of 0.01A.

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