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User delighting end-to-end connectivity

User delightful end-to-end connectivity

  • Features

    Actassi is the end-to-end structured cabling solution that invites users to enter a "Blue Ocean" of ideas where connectivity becomes user-centric and truly delightful rather than merely easy to use. ID-TracerTM Smart Patching Solution, 10G Solution, Fiber Solution, Multiplus Solution, "Tough" Cabling & Connectivity, and Ergo-Aesthetic Terminals all provide ease, usefulness and satisfaction to the next level from data centre, to meeting rooms, to workstations, and even on the road...

    The Actassi solution is not a showcase of what technology has achieved, but makes technology work for you. From user-friendly to user-delighting, Actassi sets a new benchmark.

    Discover the delights of Super Usability!

    What is Usability?
    “Usability” simply means
    • Easy
    • Useful
    • Satisfying to use
    Superior Usability is one step above… It consists of 5 elements…
    • Makes your life easier
    • Enables work done faster
    • Combines technology, artistry and beauty all in one
    • Lets you work in style
    • Frees you from worry by giving you second chances


    Connectivity x Superior Usability = User delights
    • Improved first pass yield, faster set up, shorter down time, more efficient network management with the "smart patching solution", "tough cable" and "ID" patch cords.
    • More reliable data transmission with the F2 cables and cords, which actually last longer.
    • Ergo-aesthetic terminals not only get you connected, but do so in comfort and in style.
    • 10G and fibre solutions to satisfy the need for higher volume and speed.


    • Data centre, commercial and hotel applications.
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