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LV steel box capacitors

LV steel box capacitors for high performance in severe conditions

  • Features

    VarPlus Box are low voltage metal box capacitors specially designed to deliver reliable performance in standard, heavy-duty and most severe operating conditions, in fixed and automatic Power Factor correction systems, in networks with frequently switched loads and harmonic disturbances.

    •  Technical datas:
        - High life expectancy up to 160,000 hours
        - Voltage up to 830 V
        - High power ratings up to 100 kvar
        - Operating temperature up to 70 °C
        - High inrush current withstand up to 400 x IN
        - Stand-alone equipment
        - Direct connection to a machine, in harsh environmental conditions
       - Compliant with standards IEC 60831-1 and -2.

    VarPlus Box capacitors must be selected depending on the working conditions expected during their lifetime. Since the harmonics are caused by non-linear loads, an indicator for the magnitude of harmonics is the ratio NLL of the total power of non-linear loads to the power supply transformer rating.

    Solution: description Recommended use for Max. condition
    SDuty: Standard capacitor Networks with non significant non-linear loads NLL = 10 %
    > Standard over-current 1.5 IN
    > Standard operating temperature 55 °C (class D)
      > Normal switching frequency 5,000 / year
      > Standard life expectancy up to 100,000 h
    HDuty: Heavy-duty capapcitor > Networks with a few non-linear loads NLL = 20 %
    > Significant over-current 1.8 IN
    > Standard operating temperature 55 °C (class D)
    > Significant switching frequency 7,000 / year
      > Long life expectancy up to 130,000 h
    Energy: Capacitor for special conditions > Networks with significant number of non-linear loads NLL = 25 %
    > Severe over-current 2.5 IN
      > Extreme operating temperature 70 °C
    > High switching frequency 10,000 / year
    > Extra long life expectancy up to 160,000 h


    A safe, reliable and high-performance solution for power factor correction in the most severe application conditions
    •  Robustness
      - Double metallic protection
      - Mechanically well suited for “stand-alone” installations
      - Direct connection to a machine, in harsh environmental conditions
    • Safety
      - Unique safety feature with safe electrical disconnection of the capacitors at the end of their useful life
      - Disconnectors installed on each phase for the maximum of safety
    • Easy to install and to maintain.
    • Modularity with VarPlusBox Compact
      - Special range with a unique footprint for total modularity
      - Easy capacitor assembly by busbar


    Fixed and Automatic Power Factor Correction systems
    • In low voltage networks
    • With frequently switched loads and harmonic disturbances
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