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PowerLogic G3200

Modbus to IEC 61850 Gateway

Part of PowerLogic

Integrates Modbus device data to IEC 61850 protocol for accurate data retrieval, enhanced security, and optimized network bandwidth

PowerLogic G3200
  • Features

    The PowerLogic G3200 gateway uses reliable, standardised methods to convert Modbus device data to the IEC 61850 protocol, so you can trust the accuracy of your information. The PowerLogic G3200 gateway offers a flexible, non-proprietary alternative to easily adapt your existing network to meet new communications standards and provides the interoperability solution for both Schneider Electric and third-party equipment.

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    PowerLogic G3200 - Modbus-to-IEC 61850 server
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    The PowerLogic G3200 enables Modbus devices to connect to an IEC 61850 network by translating the Modbus data into the IEC 61850 protocol:
  • Uses Substation Configuration Language (SCL) to standardise and communicate Modbus device capabilities
  • Supports many Schneider Electric meters and protection relays
  • Simultaneously supports IEC 61850 and Modbus protocols for smooth integration with your current system
  • Supports 3rd-party Modbus devices and legacy units through an extended SCL modeling concept
  • Offers network clock synchronisation and data time-stamping (including measurements and status)
  • Offers secure remote operations with a Select-Before-Operate feature
  • Offers secure access through TCP/IP filtering
  • Automatically pushes data upon event-driven occurrences formore efficient use of your equipment and system
  • Applications

    • Advanced time management - with highly accurate time-stamped data and associated time synchronization with source (via SNTP clock synchronization and downstream local source synchronization)
    • Meaningful data retrieval - leveraging the benefits of the IEC 61850 standard and offering the possibility for customization to provide advanced data retrieval
    • Secured control model - as defined by IEC 61850, and customized to meet your specific system needs
    • Optimized network bandwith - automatically pushing data only when a selected trigger has been reached
    • Easy integration - provides the communication benefits offered by the IEC 61850 protocol, but also ensures inter-operability of these devices in a Modbus TCP system