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Magelis Easy GXU

Magelis Easy GXU - Essential panels, touch screen

The cost-effective and easy HMI solution for your small automation systems

Magelis Easy GXU
  • Features

    Magelis Easy GXU, Essential touch screen panels, are part of the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader.
    When just enough is just right!
    Fit for purpose products

    Focus on the key-core characteristics (TFT color screens, USB connection, Ethernet port...)
    Compact design: the panels reach a maximum thickness of 38 mm.
    Free communication wiring slot
    Intuitive and simplified configuration with Vijeo Designer Basic software

    Easy to install owing to anti-drop hooks and screw installation fasteners for one-handed installation
    Easy to set up and use: simplified and intuitive programming software and illustrated on-line help allowing self training
    Easy to connect to the Modicon Easy M100/M200 logic controllers range
    Easy to connect: embedded USB locker (no accessory needed)
    Easy to maintain: replaceable battery for RTC and a self-diagnosis tool.

    Adaptation to non-standard wiring environment: embedded isolated power supply and an enhanced integrated circuit protection for serial port
    Robust design for harsh environment: reduced venting hole to resist to splashing water and conductive dust ; PCBA coating allows to resist to high humidity and polluted environment.

    Supported by the service of Schneider Electric, a worldwide leader in automation and control
    Wide availability throughout an extensive distribution network


    Introducing the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader in automation.
    Magelis Easy GXU, Essential touch screen panels, are entry-level products that are perfectly tailored to meet the specific requirements of emerging markets. In other words, they answer to the following challenges: fit for purpose at affordable price with no compromise on easiness, robustness, availability and services.



    Standard OEM and Panel Builder applications

    Textile: blowing and carding machines, winding and twisting machines, dyeing and finishing machines…
    Packaging: vertical and horizontal packing, filling machine, labelling machine...
    HVAC & Pumping: air compressor, water pumping ...
    Miscellaneous sectors of activity: machine tools (grinder, saw, etc...), plastic and rubber (extruding machine, etc...), printing (stamping and folding machines, etc...), machines manufacturing...
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