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  • Today's functional safety challenges

    Today, demand for safety upgrades on existing and new machines is larger than ever. In this interview, our Vice President of Safety Applications presents the current industry safety issues and innovative solutions.

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  • Tackling safe automation integration

    Today, there is an increasing demand to integrate safe automation in standard automation. Let's discuss this trend, as well as the benefits and boundaries of safety technologies.

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  • Embedded safety drives and networked safety – A boost to productivity

    How can embedded functional safety help to boost productivity?

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  • Wireless technology – Changing the face of safety applications

    Why is wireless remote control technology emerging in machine safety applications?

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    Protect people, assets, and the environment

    Safety and health are important customer concerns in every market segment, so it’s essential to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity as well as to protect your brand image. More than ever, you need to implement smart solutions that will make your machines safe.

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