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    Customized drive solutions with Drive Systems

    Discover compact and complex drive solutions for your low and medium voltage platforms.

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    Compact and complex drive solutions for your low and medium voltage platforms

    Benefit from simple, high- performance technology for your drive systems.

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    World's first three-level Low Harmonic Drive

    Discover the Altivar Process Drive System and how you can benefit from this engineered-to-order offer

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    Benefit from a simple and high performance technology

    Drive systems offer you a wide range of fully tested and ready-to-connect drive solutions. Starting from compact, pre-engineered systems up to custom-engineered complex solutions. These solutions are developed to the highest quality level; manufactured according to your needs and are tested at full-load operating conditions.

    • Customer story First Quantum Minerals Mine, Finland

      An Altivar Process variable speed drive is tested for an underground fan application (dust ventilation) 1400m below ground for effects from exposure to vibration and dust after a controlled explosion.

    • Customer Story SLCE Watermakers, France

      SLCE, a manufacturer of desalinators, uses Altivar Process speed drives to ensure their customers enjoy high uptime of equipment and keep manufacturing costs down.


      • Green Schneider One icon ATV680: best-in-class low-harmonic drive with new, leading 3-level technology
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      • Green laptop icon Services-oriented drives with embedded digital services for business optimization

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