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    Know Your Starting Point, In A Measureable Way


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Where do you need to be?
Establishing measureable guidelines is a key first step in developing an effective sustainability program. You need to know how and what is going to be measured and why. Without the proper planning and tools, your efforts could fall short.
  • Solutions

    Our EnviroMap process will help you establish guidelines for accurately measuring your organization’s sustainability inventories ranging from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to water to corporate social responsibility metrics.
  • Value Proposition

    • Cross-functional workshop to bring your key stakeholders, sustainability/EHS practitioners, and data owners together to map out the who, what, when, and how of your organization’s inventory. 
    • Expertise of industry/reporting best practices and our understanding of your goals to right-size effort and maximize transparency, repeatability, and benefits gained from inventories.
  • Differentiation

    Our sustainability experts are abreast of all current and relevant reporting protocols, methodologies and best practices related to reporting and can incorporate into a tailored management plan that meets and exceeds external audit requirements.


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    Management and accounting systems for all your sustainability metrics.
  • Smoke stacks
    Set boundaries, control methods, and methodology for emissions.
    Tools necessary for internal and external reporting purposes.
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    Defined roles, responsibilities, and processes for comprehensive reporting.
    Meets emissions reporting and third party agency requirements.

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