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EcoStruxure™ Cybersecurity Admin Expert is a comprehensive and intuitive cybersecurity configuration and policy tool for managing cybersecurity in your electrical networks operational technology (OT) environment.
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Your computers, control systems, networks, and data are subject to increased cyber threats. Our cybersecurity services offer a full range of assessment, planning policy management and defense methodologies to counter these threats.
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1. Why is the cybersecurity of electrical distribution systems critical?   

With an increase in the deployment of smart devices in electrical distribution systems, it is important to protect the energy grids with power cybersecurity solutions in order to prevent cybersecurity incidents from impacting reliability and disrupting the flow of electricity. Cyberattacks on electrical transmission, distribution, and communication systems can have a severe and devastating impact, causing widespread power outages. Therefore, maintaining electrical distribution cybersecurity is of national importance.    

2. What are the best practices for cybersecurity in the electric power sector?   

For protecting electrical distribution systems from cyberattacks, distribution field devices, substation protection, automation, and control systems have significantly evolved in the past decade. Therefore, these systems have become more interconnected and resilient, providing users with more information, greater levels of control, and higher reliability for cyber threat protection.   

The interoperability between systems and vendor products has been achieved with the use of open standards. This technological change provides huge operational benefits and addresses power distribution cybersecurity issues.   

3. What are the innovative cybersecurity technologies used in managing cyber risk in the power distribution system?    

The use of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things in electrical distribution systems is helping organizations in improving profitability and productivity by unlocking the power of data. However, it is important to keep such systems protected from cyberattacks with power distribution cybersecurity solutions. Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Cybersecurity Admin Expert is an intuitive and comprehensive cybersecurity configuration tool used for managing cybersecurity in an electrical distribution system’s operational technology environment. Moreover, we apply rigorous processes and relevant standards throughout the lifecycle of the products and provide unparalleled power cybersecurity services, helping you manage your cyber risk effectively and efficiently.