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    Control Center

    Schneider Electric's integrated suite of smart grid solutions ensure efficient, reliable grid management and monitoring.

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    Empowered control center

    With today’s grid complexity, electricity companies require increased network management capabilities. They must ensure an efficient and reliable grid - while optimizing their assets and pushing the technical limits of DER integration.

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    RELIABLE through the storm

    Keeping electricity flowing for 1.5 million households through the most extreme storms is a bold idea. SA Power Networks depends on Schneider EcoStruxure™ Grid for RELIABLE monitoring and management of their vast network, helping to keep the people of South Australia safe through extreme weather conditions.

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    EcoStruxure™ ADMS

    An advanced distribution management system equips utilities with critical grid management capabilities to improve outage response, optimize evolving grid operation, and manage DER impacts.

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    Solution & Benefits

    Providing a clear view of your distribution network, both historical and forecasted, the EcoStruxure ADMS facilitates common situational awareness across the teams, resulting in efficient, reliable management of grid operations.

    > Enhanced operational efficiency and cost reduction
    > Improved safety and security, greater network reliability
    > Support for regulatory compliance and standards-based integration
    > Better cooperation between team members, through access to the same as-operated representation of network grid information
    • EcoStruxure™ ADMS

      A comprehensive network management solution, EcoStruxure ADMS provides more reliable, safe, and efficient power management. Gain greater visibility and optimize your network with the full offer!

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    EcoStruxure™ ArcFM (GIS)

    As utilities evolve to more digitally driven operations, they will need more from their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions.

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    Solution & Benefits

    EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Solution Suite is a comprehensive GIS solution that provides a map-centric, intuitive way to model, design, maintain and manage facility and land-based information.

    • EcoStruxure ArcFM Network provides spatial asset management to easily collect, organize and exchange data 
    • EcoStruxure ArcFM Designer streamlines engineering processes from design to installation 
    • EcoStruxure ArcFM Responder helps reduce the duration of outages by locating them faster 
    • EcoStruxure ArcFM Mobile optimizes efficiency and accuracy of field work

    > Centralize asset and network information, increasing reliability and efficiency
    > Decreased operating costs
    > Reduced number of human errors
    • EcoStruxure™ ArcFM

      Apply data-based management to your critical infrastructure to make the most out of your existing systems, with the industry leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions.

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    EcoStruxure™ Smart Metering Advisor

    Analytics enhance smart grid operations, empowering you to make better decisions based on usage patterns, and to securely grow your network.

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    Solution & Benefits

    EcoStruxure™ Smart Metering Advisor allows for a seamless integration of multiple, disparate data sources, including most AMI head-end systems, RTUs and IEDs. Data is aggregated into the industry-leading OSIsoft® PI System.

    EcoStruxure™ Smart Metering Advisor functions as a single, secure platform, through which meter data can be enriched and analytics applied.

    > Reliabile data aggregation
    > Smooth incorporation of multiple disparate data sources

    > Advanced visualization tools
    > Enhanced visibility of your smart meters AMI network, and distribution network

    > NIST approved-standards design
    > Secure integration with existing SCADA system

    • EcoStruxure™ Smart Metering Advisor

      Ensure efficiency and improve revenue processes though reliable data aggregation and analytics for your utility.

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