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    Energy cost optimiZation

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Energy costs are a major factor in today's business landscape -- whether you are running a hotel or managing an industrial facility. Equipment and processes are becoming more energy-intensive, and energy costs themselves are rising at record rates. You need to make sure that you don't impact productivity or customer satisfaction, but the cost of energy is a growing challenge in your ability to meet these needs.
  • Solutions

    Reducing energy costs effectively without impacting productivity, functionality or safety requires tracking myriad data points. You need to know where energy is being used, where it is being wasted, where there are problems in your system and where there are best practices to be shared. Our power management systems, comprised of leading-edge software and intelligent monitoring and control devices, can help you do all that -- and more.

    Power Management Expert software provides an in-depth look at your energy usage, and gives you the ability to do historical data analysis to identify trends and issues. PowerSCADA Expert provides real-time monitoring and control, so you can set systems to react nearly instantaneously to solve issues as they arise. And our world-class hardware -- including meters, gateways, protection relays, controllers, and more -- provide reliable data from any point you need measured.
  • Value Proposition

    At Schneider Electric, we can help you find the balance between cost and reliable demand. We can provide everything you need to reduce energy costs, without impacting the reliability, productivity or functionality of your business -- whether you are optimizing an existing system or designing a new one.

  • Differentiation

    We understand the energy landscape. Our years of experience mean that we can provide expert guidance on how best to meet your business goals when it comes to managing energy costs -- whether you are working with an existing system or designing a new one. And our solutions are designed to address a wide range of power and energy management requirements, so multiple systems aren't necessary, even if you have wide-ranging needs like increased reliability, optimized power quality, reduced energy costs, or optimized energy usage.

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