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    Energy usage optimiZation

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Energy usage used to be just an inevitable part of doing business. Not anymore. As energy costs rise and demand increases, businesses need to control their usage if they want to remain successful. Efficiency cannot come at the cost of productivity, and therein lies the challenge.
  • Solutions

    The things that can negatively impact your energy usage are virtually invisible without proper monitoring, tracking and reporting. Faulty equipment can cause power quality issues and equipment may be left on unnecessarily. Users may not be fully aware of how their habits can negatively impact energy usage. We can help you better manage your energy usage with systems that determine where energy is being wasted. Maintenance needs can be tracked with real-time data on power quality, operating history and billing methods to help users become more energy efficient.
  • Value Proposition

    Whether you are optimizing an existing system or designing a new one, Schneider Electric can help you with everything you need to reduce energy consumption without impacting the productivity or functionality of your business.

  • Differentiation

    Our solutions are designed to address a wide range of energy requirements since we understand the energy landscape. Whether you are working with an existing system, or designing a new one, we provide expert guidance on how to best meet your business goals when it comes to energy management.

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