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Surge Protectors PH6T3-GR


Damaging power surges associated with lightning or utility problems can travel along your utility and data lines, damaging your electronic devices and destroying your valuable data. Even smaller everyday power surges can degrade the performance of your electronics and decrease their life. The APC™ by Schneider Electric Electric SurgeArrest Essential series represents the minimum level of surge protection that should be present on any of your computers and household electronics, with most models also providing surge protection for your phone lines. Its state of the art circuitry offers protection for sensitive electronic equipment against larger power surges and multiple surge events. Additional features like plentiful outlets, status indicator LEDs and more make this our best value for surge protection - our lifetime Equipment Protection Policy guarantees it.

PH6T3-RS: APC Home / Office SurgeArrest 6 outlets with Phone Protection 230V Russia
PH6VT3-RS: APC Home / Office SurgeArrest 6 outlets with Phone & Coax Protection 230V Russia

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