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Nema Limit Switches

Limit switches NEMA Square D™ 9007, L100/300

Compliant with US and international standards, the 9007 series limit switches can withstand the impact of heavy industry. This constitutes a comprehensive range of limit switches rigged and dependable built with unparalleled quality

Nema Limit Switches
  • CAD
    CAD for 9007TUD9: 9007FT mill limit switch - universal - spring return - CW+CCW - 1/2" NPT (รุ่น 1.0) 5/2/19 all
    CAD for 9007X1: LIMIT SWITCH LEVER ARM C +OPTIONS (รุ่น 1.0) 5/2/19 all
    CAD for 9007X2: LIMIT SWITCH LEVER ARM T+FT +OPTIONS (รุ่น 1.0) 5/2/19 all
    CAD for 9007Y1: 9007T/FT limit switch lever - zinc - 90° fork - RH opposing steel rollers (รุ่น 1.0) 5/2/19 all
    CAD for 9007Y3: LIMIT SWITCH LEVER ARM T+FT+OPTIONS (รุ่น 1.0) 5/2/19 all