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Harmony XVS

Multifunctional electrnoic alarms and multisound sirens

Editable voices/electronic alarrms/multisound sirens

Harmony XVS
  • คุณสมบัติเด่น

    • Simplicity and speed of installation thanks to pre-cabled and pre-assembled products
    • Manufactured in conformity to the requirements of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) European Directive.

    Editable voices

    • Realized by a user-friendly interface software “playlist builder” via SD card
    • More choices thanks to 6 input channels and 63 sounds
    • Up to IP65 for wall mounting, available for harsh environment
    • High volume in compact size : max 97 db (DIN96) – max 89 db (DIN72)
    • Simple volume adjustment in the front panel
    • Available for panel or wall mounting, black or dark grey
    • Compliant to standards and certifications : CE

    Electronic alarms

    • Each unit contains 16 sounds
    • Panel mounting. DIN standard installation
    • Up to 90 decibels in a compact size
    • Simple volume adjustement (0 to 90 dB) thanks to an easy front panel access
    • IP 54
    • Panel colour: black or white
    • Standards and certifications: CE, UR.


    • All 43 alarm sounds can be controlled by external signal
    • Up to 105 dB in a compact size
    • Registration mode to choose and register the sounds of your choice
    • Easy volume adjustment and sound switching without using tools
    • IP 53
    • Standards and certifications: CE, UL.


    Featuring numerous melodies and a great sound power, this simple and efficient offer guaranteed to you distance-view information to improve your productivity. We can produce tailor-made products to suit your specific requirements.


    • Construction machines
    • Transporters, conveyors, shipbuilding, printing, prevention of accidents/safety, car parks.


    • Siren
    • Siren
    • Electronic alarms 72 x 72 mm or 96 x 96 mm