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Battery Charging Station

Solar and Grid powered Battery Charging Station for lighting and mobile charging

Solar and Grid powered Battery Charging Station for lighting and mobile charging

Battery Charging Station
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    People who do not have access to electricity spend US$ 4-6 per month for lighting using kerosene lamps. However, kerosene lamps generate green house gases like CO2 and hazardous fumes, which is the root cause of many diseases among its users. The Villaya Battery Charging Station from Schneider Electric helps the underprivileged to access a safe, reliable and green source of light  and mobile charging at an affordable price. 
    The Villaya Battery Charging Station consists of Solar Panels, battery charger and 10 backup units. The battery charger is a highly reliable and scalable device which is powered by solar panel and / or grid power and can charge 10 backup units simultaneously. A single 12V, 5 Ah backup unit can provide 15 hours of lighting with 2.5W LED Lamp and mobile charging. The battery charger also has an option to connect a 12V, 60Ah /120Ah reservoir battery. When all the 10 batteries are charged, the additional charge is used to charge a reservoir battery. During the cloudy weather, the battery charger can provide one day to two days of autonomy using the energy stored in the reservoir battery.

    A Social Business Model
    The  Schneider Electrics Villaya Battery Charging Station is a sustainable and scalable system promoting entrepreneurship at  the base of the pyramid.
    A local entrepreneur invests and owns the battery charging station. In order to run it, the entrepreneur charges the backup units at the battery charging station and then delivers them to the people living without access to electricity. In this social business model, the entrepreneur rents the backup units and / or LED Lamps at a nominal amount affordable by his customers following a sustainable approach. Everyday the local entrepreneur collects the  discharged backup units and charges them at the charging station. This system allows people without access to electricity to have reliable lighting through LED Lamp without investing on solar panel and / or backup unit.


    • Safe, clean, efficient, reliable source of  lighting and mobile charging in off grid areas
    • Eliminate health hazard and risk of fire due to kerosene lamps  
    • Lower cost compared to kerosene lamps 
    • Promote entrepreneurship 
    • Helps to improve social economic development in off grid areas.
    • More than 15 years of life for LED Lamps 
    • Back up units can be hand carried easily


    Lighting and cell phone charging for households and small shops without access to grid supply