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Control, Data Acquisition & Configurator

Recorders, Controllers and Configurator for use with measurement devices

Recorders, Controllers and Configurator for use with pressure, temperature, flow, level, analytical and other process measurement devices

Control, Data Acquisition & Configurator
  ย้อนกลับ   Instrumentation

Control, Data Acquisition & Configurator

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        Foxboro Controllers

        Foxboro controllers are available in a variety of choices. From space-saving controllers to digital circular-chart recording controllers that control up to two variables, we offer the option that best meets your process requirements. Our process controller products have earned a reputation for accuracy, reliability and solid innovation. EXACT self-tuning employs the principles of artificial intelligence to adapt tuning parameters for optimum disturbance response.
      • High accuracy
      • Fully interactive display
      • Light weight
      • Wide ranging applications; from simple single variable control to complex multi-variable control
      • Suitable in all process industries; chemical, refining, food and beverage, metals and mining, water and waste, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, others
      • Pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical, others
      • On/off, proportional, derivative, reset, differential gap, automatic shutdown
      • Inputs from RTDs, thermocouples, millivolts, volts, milliamps

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      Specification guide
      740C Series Digital, Circular, Chart, Recording Controllers (รุ่น 1.0) 11/1/15 English pss_2c-1a7a.pdf1.7 MB
      Instruction sheet
      740 Series Digital Circular Chart Recorder and Recording Controller - Installation, Operation, Configuration, and Maintenance - Style AA (รุ่น 1.0) 11/1/15 English mi_018-871.pdf2.6 MB