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ION7300 Firmware V283 (for revision B hardware)

Product Line


Please see the attached file for the firmware upgrade file for V283 on the ION7300 meter, on a revision B hardware platform.

NOTE: This is not the latest firmware version. The latest firmware is V285.

More Information

When upgrading your meter's firmware please download the latest firmware version (.upg file) and the equivalent Meter Template (.dcf file).You can upgrade meter firmware using ION Setup or Power Monitoring Expert. See Upgrading PowerLogic ION Device Firmware for complete details.

To discover whether your meter is a revision A or revision B meter, check the last two digits of the serial number on the label.

If the last two digits are <= 09, it is a Revision A meter
(e.g.  PA-0005A123-06)

If the last two digits are >= 10, it is a Revision B meter
(e.g.  PA-0005A123-11)

Schneider Electric Turkey


7300V283.zip7300V283.zip [415.88 KB]

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