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In Okken, Rusty cutting edges of cable tie support 87176 & 87177 are visible to customer, How to avoid this problem and what is the solution?

The problem:
  • The cable tie supports 87176 & 87177 are usually made of pre-plated Galvanized Iron sheets (FTR00052 - DX51D+Z275-M-B-C), In some environmental conditions the cutting egdes become quickly rusty and visible. The paint touch up on these edges is not recommended.
  • We have recommended to use the Steel sheet DC01, finish the fabrication process and then go for plating Fe/Zn8/C1. Which is mentioned in the attachment - HRB7180100
  • Hereby we do not recommend to go for paint touch up on the rusty edges or full painting of these parts due to the following reasons,
    • The painting or power coating will make these parts non-conductive.  Inside the swichboard we have to maintain the continuty between different sections for earthing purpose. (Non earthing will lead to performance issues)
    • In Okken, these parts are not only to fix the cables but also to fix the protective earthing (PE) busbars which is subjected to continuity and short circuit withstand.

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HRB7180100.pdfHRB7180100.pdf [13.54 KB]
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