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How to configure the Ramp Switching function on an ATV312 Drive?

Ramp Switching on ATV312 Drive

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In the SEt menu, parameters ACC and dEC are the first set of ramp rates.

The ramp switching is programmable under FUn-, rPC-.

Parameter rPS is a ramp switching assignment for a logic input (LI1 thru LI6) or integrated communications.
Parameters AC2 (Acceleration 2) and DE2 (Deceleration 2) are the second set of ramp rates.  The ATV312 uses ACC/dEC until the rPS assigned input goes active, at which point it uses AC2/dE2. Deactivating the input goes back to ACC/dEC rates.

Parameter Frt is a ramp 2 threshold activated when assigned a value other than 0Hz.  The ATV312 will use ACC/dEC when the output frequency is below Frt, but switch to AC2/dE2 when the output frequency is above Frt.

Note: If rPS is assigned and is at a logic state active, it will override the Ramp 2 Threshold setting (Frt) and the ATV312 will use AC2/dE2, regardless of the motor speed.

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