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Training & Entrepreneurship in the field of energy brochure

In a world of increasing and ever more urgent social and environmental challenges, the Schneider Electric Foundation, under the umbrella of the Fondation de France, is turning its attention to education and professional training to bring about global change and and promote a fair societyto encourage future generations.Around the world, today more than ever, Schneider Electric and its Foundation are driven to support projects set up by partners locally to ensure a better future for younger generations shaping the world of tomorrow. We have already supported more than 150 ambitious professional training programs in the electricity sector, providing underprivileged people with more access to energy in emerging countries.Schneider Electric is committed to training a million young people and 10,000 trainers by 2025. We are also aiming to support projects for 10,000 entrepreneurs. This is our contribution to Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 7.Faced with the health and economic crisis resulting from the pandemic, the Foundation has stepped up its support for training with the creation of the Tomorrow Rising Fund. The aim is to protect vulnerable and exposed populations and help kickstart the education system, particularly professional training for disadvantaged youth.By building together and combining all the energy resources in our ecosystem, this sustainable future will become a reality

日期 : 30/07/2020 類型 : 手冊
語言 : 英語 最新版本 : 1.0
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日期 : 30/07/2020 類型 : 手冊 語言 : 英語 最新版本 : 1.0 參考 : SE_Foundation_EN
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