Magelis iPC



Magelis iPC
      • With the “configured iPC” service, Schneider Electric offers more than 1 500 000 options for configuring the
        Magelis Box and Panel  industrial PC.
        This service, available exclusively from your Customer Care Centre, allows users to configure a certified product suitable for specific automation applications and environments, based on Universal and Performance
        Magelis Box and Panel PC.
        Your Customer Care Centre draws up: 

        •   The complete parts list for the configured Magelis BOX PC
        •   Its selling price
        •   The complete reference (root + code which varies according to the configuration)
        •   A purchase order

        Link to iPC configurator (password = magelis). For security reasons please manually copy/past the link in your browser.http://www.hmisource.com/wwipcc/npindex.asp?id=31C1V12K2L2B0R0F0T0H0