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      • TView+
              Trio’s TVIEW™ Network Management and Remote Diagnostic software is implemented as an optional facility on the K Series Spread Spectrum License Free ISM Band Industrial Data Radio products.
        The computer which hosts the TVIEW+ server software is normally connected via the separate ''System'' serial port in K Series products. Ethernet connectivity is also optionally available at base stations.

        Remote diagnostic information is carried in a secondary data stream that is totally independent of the primary user data stream and can be accessed from any Trio K (or E) Series unit within the system to virtually any other unit using the unique Trio MultiStream™ and ChannelShare™ features in the K Series.

        The same TVIEW+ software can also provide network management features for licensed Trio E, D and M series data radio products whether in separate networks or in a network where several of these product series are utilized.
      • Remote and local Network Management and Diagnostics
      • User friendly Windows™ GUI configuration software
      • In-field firmware upgrade
      • Operates simultaneously and transparently to the primary user application (non-intrusive)
      • Network wide access from any radio modem
      • Able to interrogate and display important operating parameters of each radio modem
      • Provides performance data of any unit - transmitter power, received signal strength, DC volts, temperature, VSWR, etc.
      • Full graphical presentation (HMI), trending, bar graphs etc.
      • Over-the-air reconfiguration
      • Full SCADA software style features, e.g., database, statistics, trending, bar graphs, networking etc.
      • Allows statistical Packet Error Rate (PER) performance testing of any unit
      • Provides comprehensive network analysis tools such as channel occupancy statistics, good frames received, bad frames received, packet error rate
      • Powerful system commissioning and troubleshooting tools
      • Integrated graphical spectrum analysis
      • Can be set to background poll the radio system for continuous system monitoring & logging
      • Provides full time/date stamped alarm logging/reporting, which is exportable to other database programs
      • ODBC compliant for user access to diagnostic database
      • Multiple Client - Server capability
      • Seamless integration with Trio E, and M Series diagnostics and remote configuration