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    採用長效鋰電池後,Galaxy VX 成為創新的動力站,可做為獨立解決方案或預製資料中心的一部分。

與3項動力在3D模式中互動。 探索我們的3D互動式 Galaxy™ VX。看看大型及超大型資料中心的可擴充電力如何內外運作。


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    Energy Manager Today Energy Manager Today’s Product of the Year Award winners are the top products that are making a difference in the energy management industry. The Galaxy VX was selected as a product that energy managers need to know about in order to help them make decisions as they move forward with their initiatives.
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    EC&M Product of the Year The EC&M Product of the Year competition recognizes excellence in new product development for the electrical industry. The award is given to the most ground-breaking products that allow electrical design professionals, installers, and maintenance personnel to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.
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    BUILDINGS Successful companies are always looking for opportunities to reduce costs in their buildings without cutting corners or sacrificing performance. The Galaxy VX UPS was selected in the Energy category by the BUILDINGS editorial staff as a product that can help companies operate more efficiently and save money.
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    Consulting-Specifying Engineer Consulting-Specifying Engineer's Product of the Year contest is the premier award for new products in the HVAC, fire/life safety, electrical, and plumbing systems engineering markets. The Galaxy VX received the bronze prize in the Emergency On-Site Standby Power category, for innovations in both quality and efficiency improvement.
  • 隆重介紹 Galaxy VX UPS 高效能、易部署且體積精巧的3相UPS電力保護,可無縫整合於客戶營運的中型資料中心、工業應用或設施的電子、實體及監控環境內。
  • The Galaxy VX: The perfect UPS for Prefabricated Power Solutions One of the many benefits of the Galaxy VX UPS is that it can be easily configured into a prefabricated data center solution.
  • 不斷電系統專用鋰電池


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F12 net building

F12.net empowers customer trust by keeping data safe, secure and always available

Scalability was a key requirement for us in addition to the basic efficiencies we wanted to gain. Growth is a vital part of most of our customers’ strategies; we wanted to have the ability to expand to meet those needs quickly.
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    Highly efficient 3-phase power protection with flexible operating modes

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