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Power Launcher

Configuration Software

Configuration Software

Power Launcher
  • Конструктивные особенности

    Power launcher, software application that makes it easy

    • To promote the available Customer Engineering Software  in association with the following product-lines :
     - RCU/RSU  Masterpact and Compact NSX circuit-breakers
     - Acti9 Smart Test for Acti9 Smart Link products
     - ION setup for ION, PM Power meters and CM circuit-monitor
     - Powersuite for TeSys U  motors-starters and TeSys T protection relays
     - SFT software series and CET850 for  Sepam protection relays
    • To inform customers of the available software updates and to download them with a single click.
    • To customize and streamline the user experience, by enabling user «Favorites» creation


    Smart Software for the improvement of the Configuration software management

    With Power Launcher software, In one glance, you can see the available software for each device family

    Always up to date thanks to the simple notification  and download of the latest software updates

    Save time by customizing your own software « favorites »

    Варианты применения

    • Power Protection & Control
    • Energy management protection
    • Power metering