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Vamp 200 Series

Vamp 200 Series

Часть PowerLogic

Vamp 200 Series is no more Commercialized and is replaced by Easergy P3 range. Please follow the recommendations in Presentation Tab for the substitution of product.

Vamp 200 Series
        VAMP 210


        Key Features:
      • Complete protection for small and medium-sized generators
      • Optimised for generators up to approximately 100 MW
      • Versatile earth fault protection (selective e/f and busbar e/f)
      • Solidly and high/low impedance earthed systems
      • Optional arc protection
      • Event handling and fault registration, up to 2000 event records
      • Inbuilt Ethernet interface with Native IEC61850 communication including GOOSE messages
      • Standard VAMP communication modules for connecting the relay to various system communication solutions and medias (order options)
      • Use together with VAMP 265 for a complete generation protection scheme