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    StruxureWare for Data Centers

    Integrated data center infrastructure management software, metering, environmental monitoring and security solutions for power, cooling and IT room.

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    Concerned with DCOI Compliance?

    Find out how DCIM can enable readiness for meeting the September 30, 2018 Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) deadline.

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    DCIM Solutions

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    • Два человека стоят в ряду ЦОД, управление ЦОД, IT-бизнес. Build New or Expand
    • Два человека смотрят в ноутбук в сетевом центре обработки данных, программное обеспечение для управления энергией, энергоэффективность. Optimize Your Data Center
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    • Customer Testimonial

      Bainbridge Island School District

      “Now we know that Schneider Electric has our backs and will contact us immediately if they see an issue. The value they provide is more than just technical support, it’s more about peace of mind”.

      – Alan Silcott, Network Supervisor

    • Customer Testimonial SKY

      "Data Center Operations is the foundation of IT at Sky and it needs to enable our business to grow."

      Riccardo Degli Effetti
      Head of Data Center Operations

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    • Customer Testimonial Cardiff University

      "Schneider Electric’s data center software is really useful for us as A) it saves us a load of money and B) it’s allowed me to show the CFO and the Director of IT Services, that the savings I’ve promised have actually materialized."

      Hugh Beedie
      CTO, Cardiff University

    • Customer Testimonial University of Massachusetts Medical Center

      "The Schneider Electric solution has had an impact on facilities, finance, and IT. Facilities gains real-time monitoring and historical data; finance gains the ability to charge customers for actual power usage; and IT gains an infrastructure management and planning solution."

      David Plamondon
      Data Center Operations Architect

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        How to Bridge the Gap Between IT and Facilities with DCIM In this guide, we provide a number of resources to help data center Facility and IT managers learn more about the attributes of an effective DCIM solution, what it takes to properly implement, and the benefits you can expect. Download the e-Guide
      • Full Data Center Visibility: StruxureWare for Data Centers Running a data center can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming for any business. How exactly do you leverage the balance of your data center? Easy — StruxureWare for Data Centers from Schneider Electric.
      • Artist rendering of a server facility, data center operations
        Data Center Infrastructure Management Click through this interactive infographic to explore DCIM in action and learn about its control over each piece of the data center. Check out the infographic
      • StruxureWare for Data Centers Executive Overview Introducing the Data Center Infrastructure Management suite to balance availability challenges from IT productivity, risk management and service levels to business efficiency challenges around capital and operational costs.
      • Artist rendering of a server facility, data center operations
        DCIM and Co-Location Facilities DCIM brings varied business benefits such as operational efficiency, reduced risk, and capacity management and planning. At T5 Data Centers, in a colocation facility, DCIM also allows for added transparency ensuring that customers have a more reliable and cost effective means to enable their IT strategies. View this testimonial
      • Importance of capacity planning Weill Cornell Medical College consolidated an older data center into their new data center. Learn how they rebuilt their data center with InfraStruXure (a modular physical solution) and integrated it with StruxureWare (Data Center Infrastructure Management software) to extend their manageability.
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          FAQs on Data Center Management Software

          Get answers to all your most commonly asked questions about Data Center Management Software. Download the e-Guide

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